About Us

We aim to be the leading provider of safe driving software solutions to drivers around the world, through our clients and global partners.

Every solution we develop has to meet our values of being innovative, what the customer wants and sustainable i.e. it continues to make the efficiency, safety and environmental improvements set. We are focused on increasing shareholder and customer value by delivering cost effective solutions.

We are committed to inventing and bringing to market fresh, exciting and innovative solutions which are relevant for all international markets. Our solutions are already being used in Australia, USA, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Middle East and the UK, we are targeting 50 more countries over the next 3 years. We really do develop our own software solutions, as opposed to re-selling other technology, if however there is hardware stuff we need to get then we will do so.

Globally smartphones will over take the sales of existing handsets and the application market is set to continue growing ensuring that there are opportunities for us to continue to provide relevant solutions. We are excited about the future and would like to share our experience and innovation with everyone - well as many people who want to find out about what we do.

Telematicus is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that simplify, improve and enhance business operations in a cost effective way.

We make use of existing and new technologies to efficiently collect, analyse, priortise and feed back information, on a global basis, to the right people at the right time 

In an increasingly complex and fast moving world it is our flexibility and focus on simple priorities that ensures we are able to make a difference.

Our Global Green Drivers software is an innovative approach to managing driver efficiency, safety and environmental impact. It connects to vehicles at one end and goal-driven business functions at the other. It provides better control and improves:

  • Costs (fuel, maintenance, insurance)
  • Accident and fatality rates
  • Environmental pollution