Telematicus has built relationships with technology and business partners around the world to provide clients with innovative sustainable solutions around the world.

The following companies are strategic partners with Telematicus:


We ustilise the full stack of the Microsoft Technologies in our solutions, including Microsoft Azure for the hosting and management of Telematics data. We are working in partnership with Microsoft on maximising their technologies including Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 for Insurance Telematics purposes

Meta System

As the leading provider of Insurance Telematics Devices we capture data from & communicate directly with all Meta System devices. We are working in partnership with Meta on new and innovative Insurance Telematics solutions.


The UK market leader in the personal vehicle security solutions with a growing number of fleet customers, we work with TRACKER on their Insurance Telematics solutions.

CEPA Safe Drive

Leading providers of Safe Driving approaches for global companies in Latin America, we work with CEPA to provide their clients with Telematics Risk Management solutions.

Vodafone Global Enterprises

Global leaders in the provision of M2M data services to companies around the world, innovators in the management of applications for smartphones.