Our core products are software products for driver, vehicle and operations management which can be used on a range of computing hardware platforms. The hardware platforms include all major smart phones, Windows-based handheld devices such as Motorola and Intermec, Windows-based servers and personal computers. The products support data provided by traditional black box telematics devices installed on vehicles.

Our latest product generation is known as the Global Green Drivers application which is an application designed to help organisations and drivers understand the impact of their driving behaviour in the core areas of efficiency, safety and environment.

All of our products are developed to work with the CABIS business application framework. CABIS is an established system that has been continuously developed since the mid 90s and is used behind a range of powerful business applications in the automotive, construction, and shipping sectors.

This means that the functionality and capability of the application can extend based on requirements, ensuring that any solution we deliver is sustainable and you benefit from any enhancements we makes as part of our product road map.

We do work with a small number of partners to provide hardware if we are required to do so, but in the majority of cases clients already have strong relationships with hardware providers. As our products as device agnostic we provide the right solution for the right piece of hardware.