A holistic approach to behaviour change is important in any organisation, and focussing in one area and the priorities inevitably leads to other improvements that you can be made to existing operational processes and management. The flexibility of the Telematicus framework and the innovative software approach means that rapid product development and deployment ensure the right functionality goes to the right people at the right time and in the right geo location.

When we work with organisations we find that the input from drivers enables organisations to introduce new functionality that will assist the drivers in carrying out their duties.

Some of the additional capabilities we have provided include:

  • Actual compared against planned delivery routes 
  • Card checking prior to carrying out operational procedures
  • Driver management including violations, offences, training
  • Vehicle management including asset, servicing, maintenance history
  • Timesheets, automated business expense and private mileage reporting.
  • Live vehicle/driver tracking feeds to customer service teams
  • Access to our customer relationship management database