OBDII Plug in

In a lot of circumstances it is not necessary or cost effective to retro fit hardware to a vehicle to collect driving data. However in certain circumstances there is a requirement to collect more than the "priority telematics" data.

If this is the case then we recommend a simple plug in unit to collect additional information about a vehicle rather than the information provided by the Driver. The unit plugs into the OBDII port (normally positioned in the driver well). Using Bluetooth and or Wi/Fi connectivity and the Global Green Drivers application then we are able to automatically obtain data in the background and feed into the fleet management system e,g, engine idling time. over revving.

Fault codes can be obtained through the same automatic process and can be used to populate the fleet management/maintenance system as well as alert the service bay prior to service.


  • Simple plug in unit
  • Additional vehicle information.
  • Automatic fault code collection highlighting issues in advance of service
  • ROI typically less than 2 months