Driver Safety

Responsibility for drivers in their own or the company's vehicle is a priority that all organisations have, the level of support, management of risk, and legislation varies country by country. One thing that is common is that the majority of drivers will have a mobile phone or a handheld device.

With this in mind we have created our Global Green Driver application which can be deployed anywhere in the world on the handset of your choice to support your driver safety initiatives.

What is different from other driver safety solutions is that you only provide the functionality that is actually required in each location. Starting with a basic "duty of care" application which all drivers can use on their GPS phone or handheld device, this has with a security alarm to alert people in case of emergency as well as gathering core driver risk profile data through "live driver assessment". Additional functionality can be enable so that drivers are able to collect monthly or daily odometer readings to improve the accuracy of your fleet mileage data.

We work with organisations to identify the "priority telematics" parameters that are affecting their business as well as the safety of vehicle drivers. Using our innovative and closed loop software we are able to provide the right feedback to the company as well as the drivers. "priority telematics" include harsh braking, harsh acceleration, speed, harsh cornering & reversing, a clear focus delivers sustainable results. Working with organisations and drivers we are able to provide operational management benefits e.g. timesheets, expenses, routing, that ensure the safe driving improvements are maintained and drivers see operational as well as safety benefits to simplify some of their administrative work.


  •  Simple over the air deployment to any phone or handheld in the world
  •  Security alarm identifies driver, location and vehicle
  •  Key driver "risk assessment" information.
  •  ROI typically less than 2 months