Solutions for Business

Our approach to helping organisations understand driver safety behaviour change is founded on the simple principle that people drive vehicles, rather than vehicles driving themselves - although we recognise this may change in the future!

In understanding the capability and limitations of software and hardware we believe that software provides the flexibility and capability to enhance ever changing hardware platforms. With the convergence of technologies and the rapid growth of smartphones then low cost and innovative solutions provide for low risk and rapid return on investments.

With a wealth of business experience across different sectors and markets we understand the benefit and opportunities, that integrated business solutions present.

We have a number of core principles we follow in delivering solutions: 

  • Clarity on commitments, objectives, benefits and expected ROI 
  • Information analysis is qualitative rather than quantative
  • We focus on priorities, adopting the 80/20 principle
  • Our solutions are delivered as SaaS
  • Continuous innovation of software technology
  • All solutions are multi-user, multi -view and multi platform
  • Where ever possible we re-use existing hardware.
  • You only get the functionality you require
  • Global solutions local support with leading service and technology partners.