Whether your company is large or small the approach that we take towards providing you with the right solutuion is the same:

  • Learn
  • Guide
  • Sustain 

We don't believe there is a silver bullet for improving driver safety and we know that each company culture is different, so it is very important for us to understand your business and what driver data is relevant for your exisiting policies and systems before a solution is deployed.

Each market or country will already have its own approach and solution to driver safety and we will fit in with local processes as well as the overall corporate guidelines and KPI's. We can take data from existing solutions as well as providing a low cost solution which can be tailored to local requirements.

With a methodology that ensures drivers are provided with only the functionality that they require.  To sustain improvements then positive feedback is provided and risks idenitfied so that action can be taken and support provided. The opportunity to provide additional operational functionality ensures that solutions managing risks whilst becoming business tools.

Our solutions can be provided for all drivers including those using their personal car on company business, or agency staff working on behalf of the company - infact any driver covered by your motor insurance policy. 

Having the ability to provide hosted as well as installed solutions means that we can fit within an overall business, IT and market strategy. With the growth of smartphones and tablets and their increasing relevant to businesses around the world we partner with global data providers and application managers to ensure our application is managed within your application eco-system.