Commercial and Leasing Fleets

We have been learning all about the commercial and leasing fleet from our partners who operate in this market, and have identified that there is interest for core functionality and capability of the Global Green Drivers application.

You may well have investigated the potential of a fixed telematics solution and seen the benefits of an asset tracking solution, equally you will have seen the wealth (forest) of data that can be collected from the vehicle - a lot of it will be irrelevant for fleets.

By using our approach you are able to capture the core data (by planting a few trees), which can then be build upon dependant on your and your clients requirements. At the most basic level it could look like capturing accurate odometer readings - automatically populated into our business system, collecting fault code data, and providing service history and booking information.

We understand that each fleet leasing arrangement is different around the world, and that you already will have well established back office fleet management solutions so we are happy to deal with enquiries on an individual basis to white label a solution that works for your global fleet.