Insurers - Business

Insurers who provide insurance to company fleets will be interested in the Telematicus technology and in particular the Global Green Drivers application to provide their clients with a low cost solution to manage driver risk on a global basis. This is particularly relevant for those fleets of vehicles for which a fixed installed hardware solution is not appropriate.

With our business system capability we are able to provide a comprehensive hosted solution that collects, analayses and reports on the relevant data for both insurers and clients in real time or in the case of insurers against set parameters. Our technology will interface directly with your enterprise systems as well as claims management platforms be they in-house or outsourced.

Insurers - Consumer

Legislation changes are meaning that Insurers are looking at different ways to examine the driver risks within their proxy profiles.

With the rapid growth in smartphones there is interest in the Telematicus approach and more relevant capability to provide a solution for consumers, a solution have been developed for your young drivers.

The smartphone is the only platfrom that provides a genuine closed loop process with the capability to provide additional services. We are well aware that some Insurers will want a fixed box solution so we have teamed up with a fixed telematics provider and global leader in data provision to ensure that we can provide you with an alternative.