Professional Services

Telematicus Training

We offer the opportunity for employees, who use the system to receive personalised training in a workshop or via a webinar (if the level is appropriate). Our certified trainers explain how to get the most out of your software solution. Whether you are a new user or an experienced user who wants to learn more about functionalities and features, we can tailor a sutiable workshop.

Workshops include:

  • Global Green Drivers Users
  • Global Green Drivers Business System Users
  • CABIS Developers
  • Advanced CABIS Developers

Workshops are scheduled to fit in with your requirements, and are normally held on client sites, although arrangements can be made to host at a Telematicus or Partner's office.

Management Calibration

This is a programme run for management teams who are looking to provide leadership during a safe driving change programme. The session is focused on communication, performance and leadership as well as relevant safe driving materials. Useful at the start of a programme or at the preparation for a new focus on Driver Safety.

Driver Clinics

We provide driver feedback clinics during the implementation of our solution, to ensure that we get user feedback and the right functionality is provided to the right people. We are able to provide ongoing feedback and driver clinics via webinar's or workshops conducted by our partners.

We do offer specialized services such as database migration, customized queries, advice on database management, and more.