Live Remote Support

Telematicus Support team are committed to providing world class support for our customers, which is why we use Log Me in Rescue. This solution provides a secure connection with end-to-end encryption standards.

If you are currently a Global Green Drivers user, and would like a member of our support team to assist you with an application issue, please call our help desk at +44 (0)1625 616079 to initiate a support call.

Once our support representative has determined a remote connection is needed, please return to this page and follow the instructions below.

Log Me in Rescue

Step 1: Your support representative will provide you with a unique connection code. and will send a text to your handset.

Step 2: Click on the link on the text and you will be prompted to download a small virus-free plug-in.

Step 3: With your permission, your support representative can view your screen and share control of your handset.

Step 4: You are in full control of your handset at all times. You always have overriding control of your handset, and you can end the screen-sharing session at any time.